It’s All About Trust, Baby!

In the previous few posts we were being quite technical, and so we thought it was time to change the pace a little with this post.

While the adventure of life requires that one uses all the competencies one has developed in life, nothing plays a bigger role then relationships. Particular the relationship with one’s partner, in our case that is business partner, life partner, lover, and co-dishwasher 🙂

So, how did two people who knew each other barely 12 months at the time decide to throw it all in and embark on an adventure that would require complete reliance on each other?

So a few things lie behind that decision.

  • We fit together like copy & paste, weisswurst & brezen, sofa & chips ….
  • We both got tired of the old “must” way of life and opted for “feels right”.
  • We have the same objectives … we both seek simplicity, we both feel a pull of the South Pacific, we both wanna stop and feel the warm breeze of the ocean and the cool wet beach sand under our feet … every day ….

But most of all, we have a deep connection, which allows trust to flourish. As one it makes no sense to have alternate motives, act selfishly, hide the truth, have expectations, because these things just cause pain. Where there is pain, connection and trust can not thrive.

This trust permits one to be oneself, open and honest. It eliminates game playing and allows fearless enquiry when once partner’s behaviour causes confusion or threatens that trust. Trust grants one openness to life.

With similar philosophies and goals in life, and having earned each others trust, we feel at ease to journey into our adventure together.

We are fortunate, not just to have come together, but also to have found this trust relatively quickly … things are just meant to be.

Pietro & Eltje

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