This is it …


… the paradise we will be returning to in a few weeks.

We will be spending 7 nights alone on one of the awesome Aitutaki lagoon motus, called Akaiami.

This YouTube video amazingly really captures the beauty of paradise in the Aitutaki lagoon … YOU MUST WATCH IT !!!!

Gonna have to give Kitesurfing a go too :-))))

Just a Witness

Photography Affair

… the earth is art, the photographer just a witness!

We have seen some awesome places on this planet, and will witness so many more. Pietro has developed his photographic abilities over the years and continues to hone them. Eltje has a way with words, an amazing ability to tell a story.

It makes sense then to combine these talents and skills, to bring to the world our sense of some of the amazing places we will explore. And through our words and pictures attempt to share what we feel and experience.

So, to ensure we maximise the coming visit to The Cooks, Vanuatu and Fiji, one of the things we already done was to upgrade the photographic gear. Just to give you an idea, we’re taking on board two photographic bags.

We have lined up some exiting adventures.

Apart from visiting exquisite corners of paradise, we have organised a couple of excursions to active volcanos in Tanna and have chartered a plan to gather aerial shots of the volcanos on Ambrym.

We have chartered a brave captain and his boat to take us to a remote island to capture never before taken pictures of sunrise and sunset there. Why is he brave? Because he has to charter the little known waters of a lagoon in the dark.

The adventure is on!

Below are some links where you can get an idea of the types of images Pietro captures. Although landscape and travel photography has not really been his focus in the past, he is fast getting to grips with it.

Photography Words

… and we add some words, oh then so much more is conveyed !

Keep watching … soon you will be able to view our pics, watch our videos and read our articles.

Be cool 🙂

Pietro & Eltje

Coming Soon to a Blog near you: “10 Weeks in Paradise”


Yep, plans are set … departing 30 March, returning 18 June … 10 whole weeks in paradise. Ten carefully balanced weeks … between work and Chill 🙂

Paradise 1: Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Akaiami – islands of The Cook Islands


The first four weeks will be spent in The Cook Islands where we will be evaluate two small resorts up for sale. We will be spending a few nights at each to fully understanding what is on offer and their future potential.

In addition – and this goes for the other locations we will be visiting too – we have a whole list of people we want to interview to gain insights about living and owning a business there. The people we plan to interview include medical doctors, accountants, tax advisors, bank managers, lawyers, estate agents (for living and business property), local business owners and people on vacation.

Then we have a week away from it all on a beautiful remote island, in the middle of the Aitutaki lagoon, called Akaiami. There a windsurfer has already been arranged for Pietro :-)))


Paradise 2: Port Villa, Tanna and Pentecost – Vanuatu


The second four weeks will be in Vanuatu with the same agenda as for The Cook Islands.

In addition we will be doing a chartered flight over the volcanic island of Ambrym and its active vulcanos to obtain aerial photographs. Did we mention that we are exploring the option of combining photograph and writing articles for travel publications. (We’ll reveal more on this in the next post)


Paradise 3: Fiji


Fiji is the third Option on our list of potential island states to live in. We will be spending 2 weeks in Fiji, and while this leg of the visit is still under construction, our main objective here is to assess the business climate and ensure we are not potentially missing an opportunity by focusing our efforts on The Cooks and Vanuatu.

Exciting times :-))

When we travel, we will keep you posted with picture from paradise and our search for Peaniesutra … the Chill haven.

Ciao for now 😉

Pietro & Eltje