Our new passion – dive and surf shop in Rarotonga

Hi Guyz and Girlz,

Yep, this is it, our new passion.

We found pur chill haven in paradise.

Click here to watch our video of our passion.

It is a dive a surf shop established in 1983. It currently occupies 2 stores with the possibility to expand into a further three, making it a mega star 🙂 in the pacific. But who wants to work so hard :-)))

Here are some of the brands we retail:imersionistmares_logologo-aqua-lungbeuchat_international2000px-oakley_logorip_curl_logoreeflogoproduct-logo-reefcasio_logoisland-slipper-hawaii-logofreespiritlogo-hurleylacklandsdragonalliance

Chill on !!!

Pietro & Eltje

2 Replies to “Our new passion – dive and surf shop in Rarotonga”

  1. Hi Pietro, I wish you guys well with the shop. Looks like a great location…. Although being a six sigma person I was srprised with the 3 containers of stock ….

    1. Thanks Phil. As a fellow six sigma person, you know cash lies in the performance improvement opportunities 😊 However, the unique dilemma on the Cook Islands is its location (high freight cost) and low frequency of container ships coming by. But now that I am here …. 🙂 PS – wise guy 😉

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