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About Us

This page describes the origin and purpose for journeying to PeanieSutra.

We, Eltje and Pietro, have a passion for life. There seems to be a few things that really get our motors running, and we are convinced others as well.

We enjoy:

  • Traveling and discovering beautiful places, mostly off the beaten track.
  • We love to Lounge about, read a good book, enjoy a chilled cocktail and listen to cools Lounge tunes.
  • But we are also quite active and enjoy sport, working out, diving, snorkeling and surfing.

So, we thought how we we combine these elements with our love of the ocean, palm trees and white beaches.

You can aready see where this going, can’t you ūüôā

Yep, after many years in the corporate world, we decided it is time to live our passions in one of the most beautiful parts of the world … the South Pacific.

Many people have heard about our story, that has just started¬†and wanted to be part of it. They asked how they could¬†follow it … this website is intended to keep you posted on our “Journey to PeanieSutra”.

That brings me to answer a question that many you may have posed:¬†“What is PeanieSutra?”

Peanie, is short for Peanut, the pet name Pietro gave Eltje simply because, like eating peanuts, I simply can not get enough of her :-))

Sutra literally means a thread or line that holds things together. Also sometimes used to refer to the book or thread of knowledge.

For us¬†PeanieSutra¬†thus means living the things that hold together a beautiful relationship of which we can not have enough … that is a relationship with each other and with the beauty and magic of life.

We do hope you will enjoy our journey and through the RSS feeds and Newsletter subscription follow us along the way.

Oh, and please feel free to give us input and feedback along the way on our posts.

Looking forward to having you on board the “Journey to PeanieSutra”.

Loving regards

Pietro & Eltje

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We are Loving Our Life :-)) Follow our exciting journey ...

This is a story ... an evolving story ... of two people whos paths crossed just 24 months ago and who are now embarking on an incredible journey together :-) "We have decided to step out of our hectic lives, filled with corporate nonsense and rushed city living, to find a haven of peace in the South Pacific where our goal is to provide others with an opportunity to chill". This website and blog aims to keep you posted on our journey of finding our "Chill Haven‚ÄĚ.

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