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Raro Beach

And so a week passes by

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Hi All,

we are one week on the Cooks now – what else happened?


Day 3 (April 3) – Find the hidden places

Sunday. Each and everybody rests on Sunday. Shops are closed (at least most of them), church service is a must and local families meet – you can see them everywhere.

And we went around Raro with our scooter, which is a distance of about 40km. To see what’s new on the island, to find some new awesome places and probably to reassure ourselves that we still love this island 🙂

Stop 1:  Beach – for our first snorkeling on this journey. There are many snorkel and dive spots and you’ll be surprised sometimes who’s swimming with you. Check it out here:

Click here to view our snorkelling video on YouTube.

Stop 2: Supermarket (an open one…) to buy fresh tuna – because unfortunately Pietro didn’t catch a fish at Stop 1 😉 Also a place to meet the locals. They bring their self-cooked food and sell it there, and take the opportunity to taste the food prepared by others.

Stop 3: Looking for two other resorts we are interested in. We just found one of them. A completely different kind of location, beach front area at the western side of the island. Also really cool. Today we couldn’t take a closer look at this place because nobody was available to show us.

Stop 4: back home again – ready to cook the tuna, after a shower, and with a good glas of  New Zealand wine… Cheers!


Day 4 & Day 6 (April 4 & 6) – Some kind of business days

We met Carey who owns a Cook Islands real estate agency. As we had a large list of open question on how business is structured on the Cooks it took him & us nearly 2 hours to get our missing anwers – and this was just the beginning. The Learning of this „meeting“: life is different on the Cooks. But this is what we are looking for…
Smile of the day: Later that day Pietro passed his Cook Islands driving license test successfully 🙂
Two days later, we went around Raro with Carey, to visit some places for sale and get some more details about banking, insurances etc. and also where we can buy specific products. And – out of the blue – we also received another offering to buy a location – a trendy cafe/ bar/ restaurant in a cosy shopping area of Avarua, and in front the sea. We need to think seriously about this opportunity…


Day 5 (April 5) –  Nothing special, but…

Nothing special happened today. The weather was cloudy, so we took some time for organizational stuff.

Reflecting the last days there is one thing I have to mention, because it was a surprise for me. Thinking back to 2010, when I (Eltje) crossed the South Pacific island area, on the Cooks (but also on the other small island states) there was no great choice of „international“ products to buy. But nowadays, in a Cook Island supermarket (an we have now visited 3 of them) we found some of our absolute favorites…. like Lavazza coffee beans, Greek Kalamata olives, Teriyaki sauce, my favorite shampoo, Pietro favorite cookies, Nutella, a choice of olive oils, pretzels, New Zealand beef for a very reasonable price, broccoli, Philadelphia cheese and similar 🙂

Still missing: bread (we mean something that deserves to be called bread)

Summary: Times are changing, also on remote south sea islands.


With this we send you tropical regards and are back again the next days,

Eltje & Pietro

The Hog

Riding our Hog to the Market

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So we got ourselves a mean ride and went to the market.

Click here to watch the Youtube video of our ride to the market 🙂

Ciao for now,

Pietro & Eltje


First impressions

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Hi all, we are back with the impressions of our first days on the island. Enjoy the pictures & movie…


Day 1  (April 1) –  Rarotonga Muri – Get ourselves up and running

Our first place to stay is a holiday apartment, in Muri, a village in the south east of Raro.

After dealing successfully with the jetlag of our 36h-trip in the morning (believe it or not: mainly with Italian coffee and French croissant 🙂 in the cafe around the corner), we organized ourselves. Rented a scooter, drove to town to the supermarket, found Internet access voucher and local SIM-card (communication with home is a challenge because no roaming service with European providers is available), and finally made our way back to our apartment.

In the afternoon we went on a stroll down to the beach 🙂 – click here to have a look at our movie on Youtube:

After a good meal (with the biggest mango we ever ate) we went to bed again (jetleg, part 2…).



Day 2 (April 2) – First impressions  

For the first 10 days of our journey we choose to stay in the holiday apartment complex we are interested to buy. After all our theoretical research about this location we were sooo curious to see it in reality. And the first impression was really good. A great place on a hillside of Muri village, in a tropical garden, directly in front of a topical rainforrest. Beautiful colored flowers, coconut palms, papaya, banana and avocado trees beside the house and a cool sea view.

Muri-3 Muri-4

And very important for Peanie: out of reach for Tsunamis!


We will be back soon again,

Sunny regards from Raro,

Eltje & Pietro (Peanie & Sweetie)

Sunrise and Starry Skies – Rarotonga

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Hi Folks,

We arrived in Rarotonga after a back breaking 36 hours of traveling … but boy is it worth it :-))))

Checkout the sunrise on day one … MAGNIFICO 🙂


The night sky here in Rarotonga is OutRagEouSly aWesOmE !!!

Check out the beautiful starry skies images below from our first night here.

CooksSky-2 CooksSky-3 CooksSky-4 CooksSky

Ciao for now

Pietro and Eltje

Island landing

On the plane

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With this we open our “Diary” blog. We keep you updated on a daily basis, on what we do and what we experience on our journey….

And the journey starts with the flight from Munich to the Cook Islands:


Day -1  (March 30) Airport Munich – Emirates Check-In Counter

….and the following conversation:

Peanie: Mmh – is it possible to check in our luggage from Munich directly to Rarotonga?

Check-in assistent (Marie): Where is Rarotonga?

Peanie: Main island of the Cook Islands, about 3 flight hours east of New Zealand.

Marie: Does it belong to NZ? If not, then it is an international connection flight and we can check it through.

Peanie: It is an independant country.

Marie: Really, I have no clue where and what it is. I haven’t heard about it so far. I’ll ask my colleage, he travels a lot and knows so many countries. PHILIPP…

Peanie: Mmmhh – if it is too complicated we can pick up the luggage in Auckland and check it in again.

Marie: No no, I think it works, we just need to find out how.

Philipp arrives.

Marie: Philipp, do you know the Cook Islands?

Philipp: Yes…

Philipp takes over, supported by Marie, but also needs support from another colleague – Jan.

Philipp: JAN, I need luggage transfer fom NZ to Rarotonga. Rarotonga – you do not know where it is? Pretty close to Bora Bora… You know, where I spent my honeymoon.

Philipp to Peanie: How long do you travel?

Peanie: 10 weeks, but also to Vanuatu and Fiji.

Philipp: Vanu… what? Does this belong to the Cook Islands?

Peanie: No, this is another Island state east of Australia…

….meanwhile 3 Emirates employees worked on our check in – and about 30 minutes later they managed it succesfully with transaction „TNZ“ (transit in NZ), which was never used before by them…

During this complete process we chatted about the journey in a very chilled atmosphere (luckily no qeue at the counter…) and finally Marie said: by the way, I can offer you an upgrade…  🙂


Day 0  (March 31) – Virgin Airlines flight from Auckland to Rarotonga

We were sitting in the aeroplane, with nearly one hour delay.

Announcement from the captain: Dear guests, here is the captain speaking. I apologize for the delay, but we are still waiting for some luggage from Europe.

Pietro to Peanie: Could be our luggage, on its complicated journey…

Remark: finally (and luckily!) at Rarotonga Airport our complete luggage arrived 🙂


Sunny island greetings,

Eltje & Pietro


Our Bags Are Packed :-))

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Our bags are packed …. and we got it all in 🙂

We made a video to prove it … check it out …

click here to watch our video on youtube

click here to watch our video on vimeo

click here to watch our video on our Facebook page

Ciao for now

Pietro & Eltje

PeanieSutra Intro

Keep connected ….

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Stay connected to our exciting journey … it is about to kick off !

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Easier To Follow Our Journey Towards PeanieSutra

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Hi All,

t minus 2 weeks to lift off 🙂

So, since some of you have asked, we thought is would be a great idea to keep it simple for YOU to follow our upcoming adventure to the South Pacific.

Surprise !@! :-))) …. we created an entire new page which is visible in our main menu at the top of each page on our site —- see image below. Cool hey 🙂

On this page we will keep adding links to new posts as we journey through the Pacific in search of PeanieSutra 😉

New Head Link


Looking Through Our Blogs

A reminder that at the bottom of our home page you will find different ways to find or search through our blog posts — see short tutorial below.

Blog Links


This is it …

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… the paradise we will be returning to in a few weeks.

We will be spending 7 nights alone on one of the awesome Aitutaki lagoon motus, called Akaiami.

This YouTube video amazingly really captures the beauty of paradise in the Aitutaki lagoon … YOU MUST WATCH IT !!!!

Gonna have to give Kitesurfing a go too :-))))

Photography Affair

Just a Witness

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… the earth is art, the photographer just a witness!

We have seen some awesome places on this planet, and will witness so many more. Pietro has developed his photographic abilities over the years and continues to hone them. Eltje has a way with words, an amazing ability to tell a story.

It makes sense then to combine these talents and skills, to bring to the world our sense of some of the amazing places we will explore. And through our words and pictures attempt to share what we feel and experience.

So, to ensure we maximise the coming visit to The Cooks, Vanuatu and Fiji, one of the things we already done was to upgrade the photographic gear. Just to give you an idea, we’re taking on board two photographic bags.

We have lined up some exiting adventures.

Apart from visiting exquisite corners of paradise, we have organised a couple of excursions to active volcanos in Tanna and have chartered a plan to gather aerial shots of the volcanos on Ambrym.

We have chartered a brave captain and his boat to take us to a remote island to capture never before taken pictures of sunrise and sunset there. Why is he brave? Because he has to charter the little known waters of a lagoon in the dark.

The adventure is on!

Below are some links where you can get an idea of the types of images Pietro captures. Although landscape and travel photography has not really been his focus in the past, he is fast getting to grips with it.

Photography Words

… and we add some words, oh then so much more is conveyed !

Keep watching … soon you will be able to view our pics, watch our videos and read our articles.

Be cool 🙂

Pietro & Eltje

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