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Coming Soon to a Blog near you: “10 Weeks in Paradise”

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Yep, plans are set … departing 30 March, returning 18 June … 10 whole weeks in paradise. Ten carefully balanced weeks … between work and Chill ūüôā

Paradise 1: Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Akaiami – islands of The Cook Islands


The first four weeks will be spent in The Cook Islands where we will be evaluate two small resorts up for sale. We will be spending a few nights at each to fully understanding what is on offer and their future potential.

In addition – and this goes for the other locations we will be visiting too – we have a whole list of people we want to interview to gain insights about living and owning a business there. The people we plan to interview include medical doctors, accountants, tax advisors, bank managers, lawyers, estate agents (for living and business property), local business owners and people on vacation.

Then we have a week away from it all on a beautiful remote island, in the middle of the Aitutaki lagoon, called Akaiami. There a windsurfer has already been arranged for Pietro :-)))


Paradise 2: Port Villa, Tanna and Pentecost – Vanuatu


The second four weeks will be in Vanuatu with the same agenda as for The Cook Islands.

In addition we will be doing a chartered flight over the volcanic island of Ambrym and its active vulcanos to obtain aerial photographs. Did we¬†mention that we are exploring the option of combining photograph and writing articles for travel publications. (We’ll reveal more on this in the next post)


Paradise 3: Fiji


Fiji is the third Option on our list of potential island states to live in. We will be spending 2 weeks in Fiji, and while this leg of the visit is still under construction, our main objective here is to assess the business climate and ensure we are not potentially missing an opportunity by focusing our efforts on The Cooks and Vanuatu.

Exciting times :-))

When we travel, we will keep you posted with¬†picture from¬†paradise and our search for¬†Peaniesutra … the Chill haven.

Ciao for now ūüėČ

Pietro & Eltje

Dare Great to be Great

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Came across these articles and wanted to share them with you as I found they spoke directly at our current approach to life.




Thanks Steve … this is how we live our life too :-)))

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Rediscovering “SurferBoy”

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… I can just hear the SurferBoy jingel … something like the theme song to Superman :-))))

Windsurfing was my passion in the 1980’s. Back then when Robby Nash, another perfect 1963 vintage :-), was emerging as the worlds windsurfer “wunderkind”. As with many, the responsibilities of life and a family steadily blew away my windsurfing time, until it came to a dead stop.

No worries man … I’m back … and ready to ride again!

So I’m studying the latest windsurfing gear on offer, and discovered that some things have chnaged for the better. However, all in all I am glad to report that the basics remain the same … balance on the board, hold on to the sail … and away you go ūüôā

Next, I wanted¬†to explore windsurfing location … starting with The Cook Islands. During my last visit I suspected that the Aitutaki lagoon was a perfect spot for speed surfing. However I did ¬†not see much back then. Surfing the net, I discovered that other adventure windsurfers discovered it too.¬†Click here for a bit more.

Windsurf Paradise

Then I discovered that Kitesurfing is even bigger with some international events having been hosted at the lagoon. Guess I am gonna have to give it a bash!

KiteSurfing in Aitutaki.

KiteSurfing events in The Cook Islands


Keep tuned to find out how this rediscovery of an awesome watersport pans out.

Be cool.



Vanuatu … finding the edge

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Plans are streaming ahead as we zero in on the South Pacific. In our previous posts we wrote quite a bit about The Cook Islands. The second destination we are considering is Vanuatu. Click here for more on Vanuatu.

Vanuatu was in the news last year when a Cyclone Pam crossed over on the 6th March and practically crippled Vanuatu. Click to learn more about the devastating power of Cyclones Pam in Vanuatu.

So, you may be asking “Why are you considering Vanuatu when is has been destroyed and who knows when the next cyclone is going to pass by?”

Our answer “Good question. The answer … love of quite simplicity, natural beauty, friendly people, and the opportunity to closely explore a little known territory and culture.”

We can sum it up with one of our favourite sayings “Living on the edge”. The edge of the planet offers¬†sooo¬†much … to discover and perhaps rediscover in oneself, and sooo little … of the modern distractions and¬†trappings.

Be free, discover the edge.

Pietro & Eltje

The Cook Isalnds

The Cook Islands … where blue was invented

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Although not quite complete with the research phase of our final destination in the South Pacific, topping the location list at the moment is The Cook Islands.

I have never seen so many awesome shades of blue in my life before … no doubt blue¬†was invented at The Cook Islands ūüôā

We have been so taking by The Cook Islands breath taking beauty that we felt we simply had to share it with you.

On the 1st Jan 2016 a series called “Das Traumschiff” was screened here in Germany and this particular episode was located …. yep you guessed it … in The Cook Islands, and on our most favourite place on the planet … Aitutaki. Das Traumschiff – Cookislands vom 01.01.2016.

The Cook Islands is running a brilliant advertising campaign at the moment … you have to check it out. Click here to view a selection of the Ads… they are so funny :-))

In the end pictures say a thousand words, in this case probably a million. Click here to view some pics we took during our last visit the The Cook Island. See what I mean about blue being invented on the Cook Islands :-))

Or click here to view Cooks pics at Pietro Pazzi Photograph on Facebook.

Click here to view The Cook Islands page on Facebook.

See what we mean … just amazing. Can you imagine what it must be like living in paradise?¬†Stay tuned we will tell you soon enough :-))

Ciao for now.

Pietro & Eltje


feet on the ground reach fro the stars

Keep Your Feet on the Ground and Reach For the Stars

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Where I (Pietro) grew up in Johannesburg, there was a popular radio, and later also television, presenter – David Gresham – that always used to close his shows by saying “keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars”.

For us this means that while we spread our wings¬†to explore new possibilities, and with it achieve our dream of “chilling happiness”, we do so with both our feet firmly planted on the ground. We approach our adventure realistically. We do our homework and carefully plan to achieve our objectives. All the while remaining open to new and alternative options.

Gary Player (South African golf player) frequently commented that he found that the more he practiced the luckier he became in winning tournaments. We have taken that phrase and modify it a bit by saying “the better one is prepared, the readier one becomes to explore¬†new paths to success.”

Our wish for you is that your 2016 has a firm foundation, upon which you can stand to reach new heights in achieving your personal objectives.

Wir w√ľnschen ihnen ein guten rutsch !!

Pietro & Eltje :-)))


Happy Holiday from Pietro & Eltje

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To Build or To Buy?

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To B or not to B? … is another question arising, during our ongoing research, to which we need to find an answer.

While we analyse and finalise the business concept and the preferred location, we also need to evaluate whether we buy a going concern, or build a business from the ground up.

Our aim, like any good entrepreneur is to minimise risk, preserve cash while growing the profit line.

While both building or buying have pros and cons, we believe that free Cash Flow is likely to be the final deciding factor. Let’s explore these options together.


To Build

To build top pros as we see them include:

  • Find the preferred location.
  • Establish the exact concept as we envisage it.
  • Have control and full visibility from the outset.

To build top cons as we see them include:

  • Bureaucracy with various business registrations and licensing.
  • Recruiting and training of staff.
  • Establish suppliers and supply logistics.


To Buy:

To buy top pros as we see them include:

  • Business registrations, leases and licenses in place.
  • Staff would be available and supply mechanism in place.
  • Income in generated form day one.

To buy top cons as we see them include:

  • While we intend to conduct a thorough due diligence, problems could be hidden.
  • The location and concept may not be quite what we had in mind requiring additional investment to make it so.
  • Depending how how the deal is struck, a large cash flow dent will be made at the outset to purchase a business.


When it comes to making this decision, every Build vs Buy opportunity will need be evaluate on its own merits. Potential purchases will need to undergo a thorough due diligence with the best possible deal structure ‚Ķ that is pay ‚Äúas late as possible‚ÄĚ ‚Ķ entrepreneurship 101 J.

These are then compared to what it will take to build the business we want from scratch. The comparison should include cash flow forecast, profit generation and break-even analysis. In addition, the likelihood of success and impact of various risks need to be considered.

So, let’s see what we do, Build or Buy? J

What else do you think we should consider?

Ciao for now

Pietro & Eltje


It’s All About Trust, Baby!

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In the previous few posts we were being quite technical, and so we thought it was time to change the pace a little with this post.

While the adventure of life requires that one uses all the competencies one has developed in life, nothing plays a bigger role then relationships. Particular the relationship with one‚Äôs partner, in our case that is business partner, life partner, lover, and co-dishwasher ūüôā

So, how did two people who knew each other barely 12 months at the time decide to throw it all in and embark on an adventure that would require complete reliance on each other?

So a few things lie behind that decision.

  • We fit together like copy & paste, weisswurst & brezen, sofa & chips ‚Ķ.
  • We both got tired of the old ‚Äúmust‚ÄĚ way of life and opted for ‚Äúfeels right‚ÄĚ.
  • We have the same objectives ‚Ķ we both seek simplicity, we both feel a pull of the South Pacific, we both wanna stop and feel the warm breeze of¬†the ocean and the cool wet beach sand under our feet ‚Ķ every day ‚Ķ.

But most of all, we have a deep connection, which allows trust to flourish. As one it makes no sense to have alternate motives, act selfishly, hide the truth, have expectations, because these things just cause pain. Where there is pain, connection and trust can not thrive.

This trust permits one to be oneself, open and honest. It eliminates game playing and allows fearless enquiry when once partner’s behaviour causes confusion or threatens that trust. Trust grants one openness to life.

With similar philosophies and goals in life, and having earned each others trust, we feel at ease to journey into our adventure together.

We are fortunate, not just to have come together, but also to have found this trust relatively quickly … things are just meant to be.

Pietro & Eltje

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