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New Life

A year

Impressions of A Year In Paradise

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Download a PDF of images and words of impressions by clicking: A-Year-In-Paradise

(if it does not download properly, try this link from Pietro Pazzi Photography)

Glowing reds, burning oranges, golden yellows and soft pinks sunsets

Wind through the palms rustling the leaves to sound like rainfall.

The stillness of sundown.

The ever soothing roaring of waves breaking on the reef.

Blue, and blue and turquoise … no doubt this is where blue was invented.

So little light … lights up the Starry sky.

No pollution lets it shine so true.

Sunny, hot, stormy, windy, humid .. but never really cold.

However, having acclimatised I do wear socks and a hoody when the temperature hits 21C … that is the new cold barrier.

Warm people so easy going, friendly and open. A safe place.

Dancing in warm rain.

Monday to Friday in the shop 9am-4pm. Saturdays and Sundays are for surfing, diving or just plain chilling.

Retail I can do, shopkeeper I have learnt is not my cup a tea.

Too many people, continuous motion, too much stimulating.

Trendy and fashionable … cool surf and beach clothing on tap. New wardrobe every delivery.

Back on the water. Frustration at first … I was an expert 25 years ago … not like riding a bicycle!

But oh the joy when I ride and skim over the surface.

Man those corals can get in the way … so got a second ride with low profile fins.

The lagoon, the ocean is crystal clear, pristine… can see for miles under water, okay almost for miles.

Tropical sea life in abundance.

Awesome whales.

Bathing in the sun on quite white beaches.

Re-discovered “heaven” on earth … Aitutaki … again and again, every time a sense of deep peace and love. Being present, in touch with everything and nothing … such beauty and simplicity.

The Internet, well the connection – when it works it is slow and expensive.

Things are simple. Options are less.

Shopping … when you can find it, and you like it, buy it, buy lots, no guarantee to find it again.

Island time … Island mentality …  lets just say we still in the process of calibrate to Island time … Adjustment in progress.

Chilling on the large terrace. Laying on the bench, cool breeze, wind in the chime … reminds a bit of Bavarian cow bells.

Awesome visitors reminding us of life in the EU & Uk.

We made the right choice.

Love our family.

Ah, the quite times together.

Many long candlelight dinners.

Deepening love.

MMMWWWWAAAAA my Lovely Peanie.

You take me to such beautiful places in oh so many ways.

Live, Love, Laugh …Hold onto nothing


100 days :-)

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Hi All,

„…and how is the life on the island“? – is a questions we’ve heard very often in the last weeks. So…, after now about 100 days (!) living on the island, we thought that we share some major insights about island life, experiences, habits and circumstances with you. What did we find out so far…

  • „Island time“: is the most important topic to be understood and to cope with. Everybody on the island has an own interpretation of the factor time. Basically it is about doing things in a relaxed and convenient way. But – it can also become really tricky regarding appointments… People simply do not show up.
  • We are the “Papaa”, the white / European people or expats.
  • Maori is a really challenging language…. The words have incredibly many syllables and each vowel is pronounced separatly… We are doing our best to learn it – and we have great neighbours that help us with it.
  • And of course: the people on this island are amazing!!!
  • „Go local“: local products are the best, e.g. fish and fruits/ vegetables – and of course the local crafts , tikis, drums, tapas, tattoos etc. What we definitely buy from overseas is cheese & chocolate (Nutella etc. :-))
  • …. and you’ll find a great choice of New Zealand and Australian wines on Raro. Paradise for wine lovers: New Zealand white wines are the best of the world.
  • There is no need to look up the weather forecast for Raro. The weather doesn’t follow any rules or predictings anyway. It is only important to know about low tide and hight tide times – for swimming, snorkeling or surfing.
  • Pigs, dogs and roosters… are „components“ of every garden. They always disturb you at the wrong time. But they compensate for the compost heap, just throw the remaining breakfast toast over the balcony railing.
  • Internet is a desaster, slow and expensive… And you can be sure that it dissappears completely while you are in the middle of an internet banking activity.
  • Our closed shoes are too small. We are not sure if our feet are growing (too much barfoot…) or we just react more sensitively.
  • Coconuts are cracked with a machete. Even small local kids can handle that properly – which is scary!! Pietro nearly cut off his small finger while doing this 🙁 But we also had a learning out of it: the first aid kits here are much better than in Germany (3M Technology…)
  • The colours of the island are extraordinary & amazing. I’ve never seen such an intense green, blue and turquoise – this is definitely  paradise!!!
  • Bread is an even bigger desaster than the internet… No no, as a Bavarian I do not really want to talk about that…
  • There are still bank cheques on the island – and they are used!
  • There is no lime scaling at all! No need to descale the coffee machine or the washing machine. This is really cool…
  • Many Cook Islanders wear shoe size 16 (would be about size 52 in Europe, if to be found…)
  • There is not one traffic light on the island – and only two roundabouts (in town…)
  • With so much „traffic“ you’ll get lazy… Maximum distance to any goal on the island is about 20km – but this does not mean that you are always in the mood to drive sooo far (e.g far > 5km) 🙂
  • We have a visitor score board. After the Kiwis, followed by the Wallabies, it is a close run between Germans and South Africans for the third position 🙂

We hope that this first “island life findings summary” answers at least a few of your questions and give you a better insight in daily life on Rarotonga…

Rainy greetings from THE island


A Tropical Experience

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Kia Orana fellow Life Lives 🙂

We have a bonus for you … 2 new videos 🙂 To show you the wonders of nature in paradise. And also a bit of what we do after we close the shop in the afternoon. Yep afternoon, we close the doors at 16:00 to go surfing 🙂

This is our home. We are preparing things for our container that should arrive in Rarotonga from Munich on the 26th Dec. Love the tropical rain 🙂

Chill on,

Pietro & Eltje

Where we Chill

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Yo ya all,

thought we’d give you an simple view of where we chill … home and the shop 🙂

Oh, and today is the beginning of Mango season. Lecker !!!!!

These cost less than an whole bread in Munich 😉


Chill on,

Pietro & Peanie


Our new passion – dive and surf shop in Rarotonga

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Hi Guyz and Girlz,

Yep, this is it, our new passion.

We found pur chill haven in paradise.

Click here to watch our video of our passion.

It is a dive a surf shop established in 1983. It currently occupies 2 stores with the possibility to expand into a further three, making it a mega star 🙂 in the pacific. But who wants to work so hard :-)))

Here are some of the brands we retail:imersionistmares_logologo-aqua-lungbeuchat_international2000px-oakley_logorip_curl_logoreeflogoproduct-logo-reefcasio_logoisland-slipper-hawaii-logofreespiritlogo-hurleylacklandsdragonalliance

Chill on !!!

Pietro & Eltje

munich to rarotonga

We have arrived in paradise :-)))

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Kia Orana dear fellow Adventurers,

So, that was a nerve wrecking 2 months, and the last 2 weeks ripped the last bit of juice from our batteries. We will write more in the following days about the last days in our beloved but bureaucratic Munich, the trip to paradise, and the business we bought.

For now KIA ORANA from paradise coming to you from gorgeous Rarotonga, Cook Islands, where we found our Chill Haven (BTW – that is also the registered name of our LTD company … cool hey 🙂 )

Oh, surfs up, ciao for now, hang loose 😉

Pietro & Eltje


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