Easier To Follow Our Journey Towards PeanieSutra

Hi All,

t minus 2 weeks to lift off šŸ™‚

So, since some of you have asked, we thought is would be a great idea to keep it simple for YOU to follow our upcomingĀ adventure to the South Pacific.

Surprise !@! :-))) ….Ā we created an entire new page which is visible in our main menu at the top of each page on our siteĀ —- see image below. Cool hey šŸ™‚

On this page we will keep adding links to new posts as we journey through the Pacific in search of PeanieSutra šŸ˜‰

New Head Link


Looking Through Our Blogs

AĀ reminder that at the bottom of our home page you will find different ways to find or search through our blog posts — see short tutorialĀ below.

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