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Easier To Follow Our Journey Towards PeanieSutra

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Hi All,

t minus 2 weeks to lift off 🙂

So, since some of you have asked, we thought is would be a great idea to keep it simple for YOU to follow our upcoming adventure to the South Pacific.

Surprise !@! :-))) …. we created an entire new page which is visible in our main menu at the top of each page on our site —- see image below. Cool hey 🙂

On this page we will keep adding links to new posts as we journey through the Pacific in search of PeanieSutra 😉

New Head Link


Looking Through Our Blogs

A reminder that at the bottom of our home page you will find different ways to find or search through our blog posts — see short tutorial below.

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We are Loving Our Life :-)) Follow our exciting journey ...

This is a story ... an evolving story ... of two people whos paths crossed just 24 months ago and who are now embarking on an incredible journey together :-) "We have decided to step out of our hectic lives, filled with corporate nonsense and rushed city living, to find a haven of peace in the South Pacific where our goal is to provide others with an opportunity to chill". This website and blog aims to keep you posted on our journey of finding our "Chill Haven”.

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