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Where we Chill

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Yo ya all,

thought we’d give you an simple view of where we chill … home and the shop 🙂

Oh, and today is the beginning of Mango season. Lecker !!!!!

These cost less than an whole bread in Munich 😉


Chill on,

Pietro & Peanie


We Found a Home :-)

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Kia Orana Folks,

We finally found us a lovely home we like … it is situated in Betela.

Check out google maps … click here.

Here some pictures peanie took with her iPhone.

unknown-1 unknown-2 unknown-3 unknown-7 unknown-8 unknown-9 unknown-10 unknown-11 unknown-12 unknown-13 unknown-14 unknown-15 unknown-16 unknown-17 unknown-18 unknown-19 unknown-20 unknown-21 unknown-22 unknown-23


So now you know where you will be staying on your next visit to Rarotonga 😉


Pietro & Peanie

Pacific lagoon

Taking a cool dip

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Hi All,

Quick one 😉

And there is time to take a quick dip … anytime, whenever you feel like 🙂

Stay cool !

Pietro & Eltje

Our new passion – dive and surf shop in Rarotonga

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Hi Guyz and Girlz,

Yep, this is it, our new passion.

We found pur chill haven in paradise.

Click here to watch our video of our passion.

It is a dive a surf shop established in 1983. It currently occupies 2 stores with the possibility to expand into a further three, making it a mega star 🙂 in the pacific. But who wants to work so hard :-)))

Here are some of the brands we retail:imersionistmares_logologo-aqua-lungbeuchat_international2000px-oakley_logorip_curl_logoreeflogoproduct-logo-reefcasio_logoisland-slipper-hawaii-logofreespiritlogo-hurleylacklandsdragonalliance

Chill on !!!

Pietro & Eltje

munich to rarotonga

We have arrived in paradise :-)))

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Kia Orana dear fellow Adventurers,

So, that was a nerve wrecking 2 months, and the last 2 weeks ripped the last bit of juice from our batteries. We will write more in the following days about the last days in our beloved but bureaucratic Munich, the trip to paradise, and the business we bought.

For now KIA ORANA from paradise coming to you from gorgeous Rarotonga, Cook Islands, where we found our Chill Haven (BTW – that is also the registered name of our LTD company … cool hey 🙂 )

Oh, surfs up, ciao for now, hang loose 😉

Pietro & Eltje

Time to get some supplies

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Kia Orana Folks,

If you like tropical fruit and tuna, the Rarotonga market is the place to be. Oh and off course you gotta like colour … it is really colourful.

Did we mention how cheap the yellow fin tuna is here … and it is extremely fresh … all caught the same day.

RaroMarket RaroMarket-15 RaroMarket-14 RaroMarket-13 RaroMarket-12 RaroMarket-11 RaroMarket-10 RaroMarket-9 RaroMarket-8 RaroMarket-7 RaroMarket-6 RaroMarket-5 RaroMarket-4 RaroMarket-3 RaroMarket-2


Gotta go, surfs up 🙂

Pietro & Eltje

The Hog

Riding our Hog to the Market

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So we got ourselves a mean ride and went to the market.

Click here to watch the Youtube video of our ride to the market 🙂

Ciao for now,

Pietro & Eltje

Sunrise and Starry Skies – Rarotonga

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Hi Folks,

We arrived in Rarotonga after a back breaking 36 hours of traveling … but boy is it worth it :-))))

Checkout the sunrise on day one … MAGNIFICO 🙂


The night sky here in Rarotonga is OutRagEouSly aWesOmE !!!

Check out the beautiful starry skies images below from our first night here.

CooksSky-2 CooksSky-3 CooksSky-4 CooksSky

Ciao for now

Pietro and Eltje


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