Mount Yasur, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Yasur at starry nights

Hi Guys and Girls,

have you ever dreamed of standing on the summit of a volcano. In front of a lava lake and eye to eye to continuous volcanic eruptions. But at the same time to feel “safe”, because it is a few meters to the dangerously hot ground and flying boulders?

Then you have to climb Mount Yasur, the world’s longest continuously erupting volcano  – but in the same way accessible so you can hike up. Whereby continuously means that you see a firework every few minutes!

We spent 4 days on the island of Tanna this week, one of Vanuatu’s outer island, far south, the home of Mount Yasur. Luckily we found „Jungle Oasis“, a guest house that is run by locals and directly located at the bottom of this mountain. Even better that we had the chance to stay in the treehouse, because from it’s balcony we had an unrestricted view on the volcano (see title picture :-).

Hence, it was a short stroll to Yasur, we went up for sunset and again for sunrise another day, to experience the fantastic landscape at different day- and light phases. While in the evenings the volcano is dipped in blood red, intensified by the starry sky, with the rising sun the environment gets an unreal beautiful mixture of light and ashes. We simply couldn’t get enough of this landscape.

But of course there is also a bit of an uncomfortable side of the coin. If you are on the rim of the volcano and watch the firework  you can be sure that every eruption is followed by an ash cloud that is likely to hit you. Which means a change to a hotter temperature and a mix of sulfur and ash that wraps you and hinders you to breathe properly and you have to close your eyes for a while. But clearly we survived it 😉

Click here to experience Mount Yasur’s eruptions with us

And if you listen carefully, at some point in the video you can hear the ash rain when it hits the camera.

In addition to the video above here some great first images from the edge of Yasur…

On the edge of Yasur

Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna

Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna Yasur Tanna


Tanna also offers a unique cultural experience: its habitants still live the lifestyle of ancient centuries. Our next blog is about the tribes of Tanna and especially the people of Yakel.

Until then…

With lots of hot eruptive regards,

Eltje & Pietro

Vanuatu – First Impressions

Port Vila Market

Hi all,

now we are back again, with the first information of the second part of our journey…

On April 30 we left the Cooks Islands. After a stop of 3 nights in Auckland we have now entered the second phase of our journey: Vanuatu.

About 3.500 kilometers away from the Cook Islands and a big step from a landscape and cultural perspective…

The Republic of Vanuatu consists of 82 small volcanic islands spread over a distance of about 1.000 kilrometres and they are all part of the „Ring of Fire“. Vanuatu is home to some of the most active and also most accessible volcanos of the world. And there are not too many white sand beaches with palm trees…. Hence, a different kind of Paradise.

The Ni-Vanuatus are Melanesians, most of them still live a traditional life in villages (tribal communities) and some of their ancestors were cannibals (until the 1970s).

For around 75 years, until 1980 – before gaining independence – Vanuatu was jointly governed by France and the UK. Thus, lifestyle there is a blend of European and South Pacifc habits and traditions.

Last year in March Vanuatu was hit by disastrous cyclone Pam. Until today – and even ongoing – the inhabitants of all impacted island are still rebuilding their homes and businesses. And also nature still has to recover.

But whatever happens, the Ni-Vans always smile and take life easy, one of the friendliest nations I’ve ever visited 🙂

Click here to have a look at our first days at the capital city Port Vila and a car tour around Efate, the main island of Vanuatu.

And please excuse the sound quality – we are occasionally difficult to understand (yep, it is a GoPro movie and we have no professional sound software available 😉 …. working with a tight budget :-))


Stay with us, reports from the outer island and its tradional life and active volcanos will follow soon.


Until then & Sunny regards,

Eltje & Pietro